Mineral Bar directions via Google Earth:

Looks like Iowa Hill Rd. is between exits 133 and 135 in Colfax in case you miss Canyon Way 133 exit or stop for gas or food at the 135 exit. I will add member comments below as they come in. Dale.

Not sure but it looks like staying to the left Iowa Hill Rd. is the one that goes through.

Downstream of the bridge is open to the public. Zooming in with Google Earth, exposed bedrock is visible in places.

Another view from Robyn M:

Members Scouting Comments:

1-19-2013 From Kyle: There is a dry outhouse, plenty of exposed bedrock, and last time I was there it was $10 for day parking there are some places to park for free on the side of the road just before the bridge but not a lot. I always just plan to pay to park. It is a very nice place. I hope to make the outing. Kyle

1-20-2013 From Pete: There is easy access to the river on the right of the bridge as you are coming in. There is a bathroom at this same spot. It was icy cold early in the morning but it warmed up nice by early afternoon when the sun came up over the hills. There where folks prospecting on both sides up and down the river, but not too many. We worked on the right side of the river in the bedrock, but didn't find that much gold. Mostly fine particles and a few small flakes. I still have half a bucket of classified material that I will be working today, and some concentrates from the sluice. I will get back to you with the results soon. I would like to explore the river in different areas next time, and I think it's a great spot for an outing.

2-10-2013 Pictures from Bradley including the big dredge that left the tailing piles:

Upstream from Bridge:

Downstream from Bridge:

Existing Claim pictures:

I have an overlay program that shows claims as of 2011 when the BLM stopped supplying the data online (or how ever the story goes). Orange boxes are active and blue are abandoned. Beware at Mineral Bar that there is a possible active claim just upstream from the campsite and we should focus our prospecting efforts accordingly should any claim markers be seen..